Cat For President Socks For Women

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These funny cat for president socks for women feature a very special cat running for office, and a super soft and stretchy premium fabric blend for ultimate comfort. Whether you're shopping for the best cat socks or political socks to rock in the office, you'd like to see this cat in the white house, funny political socks are kind of your thing (ours too), funny cat socks make you happy, you're shopping for funny cat socks for the crazy cat lady in your life- or maybe you are are that crazy cat lady (we're not here to judge), you're over the current presidential candidates and are actually considering voting for this cat (good luck, whiskers!), or you love funny pop culture socks as much as this cat running for president loves the podium, then you've come to the right crazy sock store. Cat for president.

  • Fits  women's shoe sizes 5-10.5
  • Cat for president socks for women
  • 70% Cotton, 27% Nylon, 3% Spandex
  • Compliments guaranteed